Soul Code Activation

Awaken your true self

Another lightseed has born: Soul Code Activation.

What is a Soul Code Activation?

Actually it is pretty simple: Activating the Codes of your Soul.

We all have a field of consiousness, because we are consiousness our Selfs and in this field your Soul Codes are visible. There is also information in your field you don’t longer need anymore. Through working with high frequencies – LightCodes – from Source, the field of consciousness and by Light Language (verbal and making signs) this information will be decoded, cleared and healed. This creates a Clearing & Healing first and the Activation second.
Your Soul Codes will awake and start activating. 

What does it give me?

In essence you are Coming Home to your Self.

It will Awaken your True Self (more) – your Inner You – so you can live as your Divine Self here on Earth.
Live (more) from your Heart – for who you trully are – with all your Soul talents and gifts and express your own voice.

Only your own experience can tell you what you receive from your Soul Code Activation.

If your Heart is getting warm, your Soul starts to Sparkle or you hear/feel an inner YES, then this is your Call.

"Soul Codes are an initiation to your Divine Self"

What to expect from the Soul Code Activation?

The Soul Code Activation series consists of 2 parts.

  • the 1st part is a Clearing & Healing.
  • the 2nd part is the Activation.

The Soul Code Activation takes place in a sacred temple with a high frequencyfield (6D+). 
The Light Codes come in from Source: the God(dess) of Unconditional Love. You don’t have to do anything other than surrender and receive. You will be fully guided in this process.
During the activation, you also receive channelled information that is meant for you (reading). 

The Clearing & Healing ensures that everything that is no longer for your highest good will be released and cleared. This will make space for yourSelf and your new Soul Codes.

During the 1st part you also receive codes which activate as well. The 2nd part will focus on the Activation, so that the Soul Codes can integrate and stabilise even further. This session will be scheduled a week after the first one.

Is there more? Yes there is!

In addition to the Clearing, Healing & Activation you also receive a:

  • personalized Light Language Activation Card. After the activation you will receive a personalized card with Light Language / Light Codes. These encoded frequencies help activate and integrate your Soul Codes. The beauty of these codes is that you can tune into them as often as you want. Energy doesn’t know time, so your access is limitless.
  • Light Language Recording with guided meditation, spoken Light Language, personal / channelled information and wisdom intended for you. Just like the codes of your personal card, you can listen to the recording as much as you like. The codes will continue to provide activation, healing & clearing for as long as necessary.
  • Zoom / Skype meeting. We schedule a moment in which you can share your experience and ask your questions.
  • Q&A Mail Contact for questions and guidance before and after the Soul Code Activation.

A session takes about 1.5 hour in total. This includes recording, zoom / skype meeting, activation / clearing & healing. The full series take about 3 hours.

You can meet me in person to receive your Soul Code Activation and it is possible to receive it at distanc

personalized light language card

You receive a:

  • Soul Code Activation € 222

    Awaken Your True Self

Happy Souls already received their Soul Codes

Happy Souls!

Part 1.
The first part of the Soul Code Activation was more of a physical session and magically beautiful. Dayenne is very professional and knows how to create a safe, relaxed setting so that I could easily surrender to what was coming. She guides you with her energy, Light Language and singing through the session that will be experienced differently for everyone. I could feel well what I had to let go, how my physical and energetic body reacted and what I receive. The energy continues to work for a while after the SCA, where I have noticed that since then I can allow my feelings more easily and make choices that are good for me (including nutrition). I feel an even stronger connection with my soul and experience even more light and love."

Part 2.
I received the second part of the Soul Code Activation at distance . Almost immediately after starting the recording that Dayenne had made, I felt the energy flow activate and my heart space opened up naturally. The Light Language that followed feels like I was wrapped in a safe warm blanket. This session also feels very pleasant; both the healing and light frequency transmission that you receive in each session is at a perfect pace. This distance session is a nice addition to the first one. The day Dayenne did the Activation, I experienced a lot of energy and I was in a very positive flow. It is remarkable that since the first session I have been sleeping deeper and waking up more rested.
What a wonderful experience!
I received a Soul Code Activation from Dayenne. It was very relaxing; I could completely surrender myself in this loving softness. It is difficult to describe what happened during this session; for some new things we simply have not yet come up with words and in the new reality we no longer have to put everything into limiting concepts, but just experience and receive in openness and let what may happen. Noticeably much has changed in my body; an essential step in raising my frequencies. I feel my legs and feet now; my Soul is completely in my body. Thank you, dear beautiful Dayenne!
Wat is de Soul Activation Code een liefdevol cadeau aan jezelf!!
Bij de ontmoeting met Dayenne was er meteen een vriendelijke, vertrouwde en liefdevolle sfeer. Ik mocht gaan liggen op tafel en Dayenne begeleid je door het proces d.m.v. Lichttaal in spraak en zang. Toen ze begon was er voor mij meteen herkenning, een gevoel van thuiskomen... In je hoofd snap je er niks van maar in mijn hart voelde ik dit meteen. Tijdens de sessie laat ze ook weten wat zij ervaart. Zelf merkte ik dat er van alles gebeurde. Ik voelde tintelingen, warmte, kreeg boodschappen en zag kleuren. Er kan dus van alles gebeuren. Na de behandeling werd er nog even nagepraat. Naderhand krijg je het geluidsfragment van de sessie en je persoonlijke lichttaal kaart toegestuurd. Hierdoor kun je alles zo vaak als je wil nog eens opnieuw beleven. Ik voel me een nieuw mens. Ditmaal bewust van mijn lijf en de liefde in mijn lichaam. De rest van de wereld doet er even niet toe.
Veel liefs Ilona.

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